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Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Agent

Job Category: Full Time


We are located in Markham, Ontario in the Buttonville area. We were previously nominated as a finalist for medium sized brokerage of the year in Canada. A number of our current brokers/agents have been with us for over 10 years, two for over 15 years. This demonstrates how we treat our agents fairly and how we have good/friendly office chemistry

We have opportunities for individuals to work with our  Mortgage Corporation as a Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Agent. These are commissioned opportunities.

We prefer experienced individuals of course but would consider training and supporting qualified individuals who want to have a serious career as a mortgage broker/agent. Individuals would be sales oriented, self motivated, and customer service centric. Having mortgage financing experience and sales experience would be beneficial but not necessary. We have seen individuals do well when they have been past real estate agents, bank mortgage reps, commissioned sales people, bankers, and entrepreneurs. Our best producers over the years have not been past bankers but rather extraverted individuals who enjoy networking with personal contacts, realtors, financial planners, lawyers, builders etc.

Young, first-time home buyers use mortgage brokers extensively. With this in mind, young individuals who choose a career as a mortgage broker/agent have incredible opportunities if they use social media to network with their peers.

Being a mortgage broker/agent is akin to being a ‘freelance banker’. Brokers must learn the policies of many lenders while a mortgage banker only needs to know the policies of his/her lender employer.

A broker career offers much more personal freedom and flexibility compared to a traditional banker. Work only during the middle of the day when young children are at school or take extended vacations instead of being limited to a 2 week annual vacation.

Mortgage agents must have completed the mortgage agent course offered by Seneca College or Independent Mortgage Brokers Association. This course can be completed quickly and is offered continually through the year. Agents must be registered with FSCO so there is a registration fee to be paid to FSCO. Agents must be covered by Errors and Omission Insurance so there is a fee to the insurer. 

*mortgage broker or mortgage agent* in your subject line please