Job Details

Sales Person-Radio Station Stouffville

Job Category: Full Time

Salesperson Radio Station - Stouffville

This individual will support, enable, grow and contribute to the station’s strong ties in the community with a view to generating increased and ongoing revenue.

He/she will develop a deep understanding of the community (if they do not already have one as a resident of the area), increasing awareness of and generating advertising and sponsorship revenue within the businesses in the community.

Job Description

Objective: To increase advertising sales and sponsorships on Whistle Radio and the station’s web site.

Reporting to: The Chair or, in his/her absence, the Vice-Chair

Duties to include:

1. Providing input on what advertising and sponsorship programs should be available

2, Planning and executing a sales strategy to insure full exposure to all local businesses on the benefits of advertising with the station

3. Developing and maintaining relationships around the community within the numerous groups/associations that exist including the Chamber of Commerce business members

4. Presenting and explaining the various advertising schedules that exist and securing revenue as a result

5. Developing and updating sales materials, websites, and a sales pitch for Whistle Radio

6. Researching and testing new forms of advertising, and new revenue-generating partnerships with businesses

7. Establishing and maintaining a customer relationship management program for ongoing and future reference

8. Travelling throughout the community to attend meetings with businesses and groups to carry out these duties.

9. Working with ad production staff to ensure that ads are produced to spec, scheduled appropriately, and played as scheduled

10. Working with the Treasurer to ensure that advertisers are invoiced correctly and in a timely manner

11. Preparing monthly sales reports.

Qualifications required:

1, Previous experience in a sales role, ideally involving commission-only selling in the print or radio marketplaces

2. Strong business ethics and integrity

3. Previous experience or comfort dealing with a range of very small to medium-sized businesses in a small community

4. A persuasive, but professional sales personality, knowing how to follow up without going too far

5. Self-motivated and a good time manager

6. Ability and previous experience building strong relationships

7. Excellent communication skills both verbal and written.

Factors by which you will be judged:

  1. The level of revenues which you bring in.
  2. Your contribution to how the station is perceived in the community
  3. The level of cooperation with Board members and Show Hosts

This position is made possible through a grant with the anticipation that over the term of the arrangement, this role will become self-sustaining. The compensation plan will recognize net new revenue from the individual’s efforts, starting with a base draw with will decrease as revenue is achieved to full commission. Specific related expenses will be reimbursed.

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