Job Details

Greens Staff / Landscape Gardeners-Goodwood

Job Category: Full Time

Employment:   Full-time seasonal, Part-time seasonal

Reports to:      Assistant Golf Course Superintendent / Superintendent

Groundskeepers, under the supervision of the Assistant Superintendent or foreman’s, perform routine manual labour involved in golf course maintenance work; operate small hand-powered equipment and occasionally perform work involving large equipment such as tractors, loaders and gang mowers.  Each groundskeeper may be assigned responsibility for the care and maintenance of several designated holes on the golf course and carry out related work as required.

Essential Duties:

  1. Operates mowers around greens, aprons, tees and string trimmers in trimming around trees, fence lines, banks and hillsides; edges cart paths; edges, rakes and maintains sand bunkers.
  2. Sets tee markers and cups on greens daily.  Replaces pin flag on green as needed; removes debris from tee or green surface; sands and seeds tee and drop area divots.
  3. Maintains fuel and fluid levels for all types of equipment on a daily basis; reports equipment problems or failure to the equipment manager immediately.
  4. Returns all equipment to the designated location at the maintenance facility; cleans maintenance facility area.
  5. Waters and fertilizes tees, greens, fairways and under direct supervision of a certified applicator, sprays chemicals on landscape areas.
  6. Under the direction of the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent, the Greens Staff marks the course for cart control weekly; moves cart control barriers and replaces worn or lost ropes and signs and may mark hazard and drop areas.
  7. Helps in project work; assists in the construction of new greens, tees, and fairways; grades and prepares soil base; lays sod, and seeds greens, tees and fairways.
  8. Installs, forms and lays walks and paths using gravel and asphalt mixes; excavates and backfills ditches and trenches with hand tools; repairs and replaces pipe on drainage and irrigation systems.
  9. May be asked to operate mowers, dump trucks or other light motorized equipment.
  10. Performs other duties as directed by his/her supervisor.

Position Qualifications:

  1. Knowledge in methods and materials used in grounds and landscape area construction / maintenance work.
  2. Working knowledge of and ability to use hand and power tools and equipment.
  3. Ability to operate trucks and light motorized equipment.
  4. Ability to follow oral and written directions.
  5. Possession of a valid driver’s license.
  6. Minimum grade 10 level education.

Due to the nature of the golf course industry, the Greens Staff member may be required to work long hours during the golfing season, which may include weekdays, weekends and statutory holidays.

Physical Requirement:

The Greens / Garden Staff member must be able to lift heavy objects (at least 20 lbs) and perform physical labour. 
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