Debora Cochrane

This is just to inform you that after you had a mock interview with me, I got 5 interviews and 5 job offers. I am not exaggerating!

I took the 3-day course and it helped too.

My consultant was really great too. She helped with my resume, my interviewing and job searches. She also helped to calm my nerves when things got tough in the job market. She always made time to see me to advise me and to help me in my job search. She always got back to me promptly by email or by phone. That helped a lot because I was pretty anxious about some of the steps in the process to employment and she reassured me and gave me great advice on how to deal with some situations. It really helped to calm my nerves and move forward. She is a very understanding and patient person.

The whole office was great. Everyone was very pleasant, positive and helpful. I always felt comfortable and welcome in the office. I think yorkworks is a fantastic resource for the unemployed. It gets people on the right track and the resources like the computers, phones, fax machine, printer and photo copier also help to get the job done in one place.

I think I'm going to miss it there. If there is any way that I can give back in any way, like give a pep talk or something, I will. Anyway, I think you need my picture to put on your employed wall. Thank everyone for me. They were all great.

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