Kelvin's resume blasts him out of the job search ballpark!

The main things that Yorkworks tries to impress upon job hunters is that networking will help find a job faster (most jobs are never advertised and getting your resume into the hands of the people responsible for hiring and following up with them so that when something comes up, they think of hiring you).

My story may seem somewhat different in this regard.  I saw an ad on Monster.ca, they called me and did a phone interview a few weeks later.  Two days later, they called me in for a face to face interview.  The next day, they called and told me to come in to work the next morning.  One may think that I just “hit the right door at the right time”.  However, the way I see it is that the seminars and coaching groups at Yorkworks helped immensely. 

I was taught about the value of the “30-second self-advertisement” to highlight my experience and skills, as well as maintaining my body language and eye contact in such a way as to show that I was very interested in getting the job with that particular company.  Sending thank you notes to the people who interviewed me also helped. 

In my particular case, I feel that I owe a lot to my Resource and Information Specialist, who helped me create an extremely excellent resume.  The HR manager, who interviewed me, told me that it showed all the skills and experience to do all the tasks that they want me to do on this job.  Thank you, yorkworks.