Pam strategizes her way into her new job!

I just wanted to say thank you to for everything that yourself and the centre has done for me.
I barely had time to take everything the centre had taught me in ...and I have landed the ideal job.
It's close to home, a little more money than my last job and full benefits after 6 months!

There are many things that made me take this position but most of all I felt that "I" fit in this company.
You had asked me what methods I took with me in my 7 week job hunt ( in no particular order):
1. I asked what I wanted to be compensated and I got it . I spoke to your Resource and Information Specialist about this one at length. Since I have only been unemployed for a few weeks and money was still coming in - I didn't want to settle.
2. Apparently, I was the only one who did research for the position. I used the Scott's Directory and made sure to somehow fit people's names in my responses in the first interview. I also mentioned their 2 other locations.
3. I waited until the 3rd meeting with them, bird in hand,  to offer them the possibility of the incentive that yorkworks offered. They were very appreciative and I thought it looked good as an accounting person suggesting how the company could save money. As it turns out, they will be pulling another girl from another location for a week to help train me. This gives the controller 1 week to prepare for my training on the 2nd week as she has been tied up interviewing.
4. I made sure my references were ready. I spoke to them at length about what questions they asked me and what they were looking for. After my future boss finished speaking to them, she immediately called me and officially offered me the job as she was very impressed with my references - which sealed the deal for me.
5. My resume rocked. I had everyone in the centre look at it. My Resource and Information Specialist probably has it memorized by now!
I have 3 pending 2nd interviews next week. I need to call or email them that I already accepted a position.
One in particular I am waiting to hear back from, so I can recommend my friend who was laid off from the same company as I was. 

I would be speaking directly to the owner and I want to "network" for her as she has similar experience as I have and since I already know who/what they are looking for I could possibly bring her to the front of the line.
To the workshop...Don't give up, don't settle and remember when you start to get down on how many interviews you are attending; you only need 1 person to say "yes!"


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