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Newmarket Feb 1 - Feb 5
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Money Attitudes
Feb 18 1-3pm


Women. We juggle a lot in our lives. In between putting the kids to sleep to household chores- sometimes things can get a little overwhelming. But as women, we overcome challenges, one step at a time. 

yorkworks' FOCUS program offers a 10 day workshop for women to gain the confidence and knowledge for an easy transition back to the labour market. With on-going support from program facilitators, women learn to develop their personal career profile that identifies their inner passions, skills, and work aspirations.

Together, women learn to identify strategies for dealing with change, barriers to attaining goals, decision-making, and time management. FOCUS celebrates the successes of women through alumni special events and networking sessions, uniting women to share career experiences, ideas and dreams to help strengthen their job searching network.

FOCUS offers:

    • Options for developing work-life balance
    • Identify and articulate strengths, skills and abilities
    • Explore career options
    • Networking techniques

Join FOCUS and discover a whole new chapter in life. Register today.

Call 1.866.992.9930 or send an email to yorkworks@yrdsb.edu.on.ca.