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Monica lands exactly where she needs to be

Signed, sealed and delivered – I’m employed! Got my offer this afternoon after meeting with the regional manager at the organization. When I received the call a few weeks ago, I knew the job was mine. Sometimes you just know.

Again, I want to thank you for everything you and the entire team at Yorkworks has done to support my search. As daunting as it was, I know if I were ever in the same situation again, I wouldn’t be fearful of embracing the opportunity that change brings.

Not everyone gets the chance to consciously decide their future when they have nothing to lean on but their own courage. I know I landed exactly where I need to be and have no hesitation in recommending the services provided by Yorkworks in helping those navigate that often frightful road. You truly helped me to focus my search where and how I needed to secure the position I did.

Ron makes a plan of action!

I had no expectations coming into the Get Hired Faster workshop, so leaving with a plan of action exceeds all expectations! I left inspired and hopeful.

Yorkworks clients talk about our services!

Kelvin's resume blasts him out of the job search ballpark!

The main things that Yorkworks tries to impress upon job hunters is that networking will help find a job faster (most jobs are never advertised and getting your resume into the hands of the people responsible for hiring and following up with them so that when something comes up, they think of hiring you).

My story may seem somewhat different in this regard.  I saw an ad on, they called me and did a phone interview a few weeks later.  Two days later, they called me in for a face to face interview.  The next day, they called and told me to come in to work the next morning.  One may think that I just “hit the right door at the right time”.  However, the way I see it is that the seminars and coaching groups at Yorkworks helped immensely. 

I was taught about the value of the “30-second self-advertisement” to highlight my experience and skills, as well as maintaining my body language and eye contact in such a way as to show that I was very interested in getting the job with that particular company.  Sending thank you notes to the people who interviewed me also helped. 

In my particular case, I feel that I owe a lot to my Resource and Information Specialist, who helped me create an extremely excellent resume.  The HR manager, who interviewed me, told me that it showed all the skills and experience to do all the tasks that they want me to do on this job.  Thank you, yorkworks.

Pam strategizes her way into her new job!

I just wanted to say thank you to for everything that yourself and the centre has done for me.
I barely had time to take everything the centre had taught me in ...and I have landed the ideal job.
It's close to home, a little more money than my last job and full benefits after 6 months.

There are many things that made me take this position but most of all I felt that "I" fit in this company.

You had asked me what methods I took with me in my 7 week job hunt ( in no particular order):
1. I asked what I wanted to be compensated and I got it . I spoke to your Resource and Information Specialist about this one at length. Since I have only been unemployed for a few weeks and money was still coming in - I didn't want to settle.
2. Apparently, I was the only one who did research for the position. I used the Scott's Directory and made sure to somehow fit people's names in my responses in the first interview. I also mentioned their 2 other locations.
3. I waited until the 3rd meeting with them, bird in hand,  to offer them the possibility of the incentive that yorkworks offered. They were very appreciative and I thought it looked good as an accounting person suggesting how the company could save money. As it turns out, they will be pulling another girl from another location for a week to help train me. This gives the controller 1 week to prepare for my training on the 2nd week as she has been tied up interviewing.
4. I made sure my references were ready. I spoke to them at length about what questions they asked me and what they were looking for. After my future boss finished speaking to them, she immediately called me and officially offered me the job as she was very impressed with my references - which sealed the deal for me.
5. My resume rocked. I had everyone in the centre look at it. My Resource and Information Specialist probably has it memorized by now!
I have 3 pending 2nd interviews next week. I need to call or email them that I already accepted a position.
One in particular I am waiting to hear back from, so I can recommend my friend who was laid off from the same company as I was. 

I would be speaking directly to the owner and I want to "network" for her as she has similar experience as I have and since I already know who/what they are looking for I could possibly bring her to the front of the line.
To the workshop...Don't give up, don't settle and remember when you start to get down on how many interviews you are attending; you only need 1 person to say "yes!"

Lindsay takes a second look at LinkedIn!

You both motivated me to give Linked in a second look and to put my best foot forward. I've realised I want to do more research, checking other peoples pages to get examples, and revise my content to see if I can get more positive results.
I just wanted to thank you for your time and the information that you provided.

Jane gets a new role!

I had been meaning to connect with you and thank you for all your support. I would certainly recommend your services and programs to all who are unemployed! You should be commended for your expertise. 

Darlah Harmon

I’m writing to tell you that I’ve accepted a part-time position (probably planted a seed as a result of one of the assignments you gave where we had to interview an owner to find out what they would look for in an employee). Thank you very kindly for all your support, I will highly recommend Yorkworks now and in the future.

Veronica Williams-Dalrymple

Thank you for the  great experience I had  during the  workshops provided by yorkworks Employment Services.  Your facilitation and information given during the workshops made migrating to Canada seem so much less stressful.  I left Canada feeling much more confident of being equipped  for the Job market. The  tools given and support  promised by way of the online coaching and the assessment interpretation have certainly motivated me  to  continue to improve on my resume,my networking,my LinkedIn profile and of course my mental preparation for my return to Canada.

Debora Cochrane

This is just to inform you that after you had a mock interview with me, I got 5 interviews and 5 job offers. I am not exaggerating!

I took the 3-day course and it helped too.

My consultant was really great too. She helped with my resume, my interviewing and job searches. She also helped to calm my nerves when things got tough in the job market. She always made time to see me to advise me and to help me in my job search. She always got back to me promptly by email or by phone. That helped a lot because I was pretty anxious about some of the steps in the process to employment and she reassured me and gave me great advice on how to deal with some situations. It really helped to calm my nerves and move forward. She is a very understanding and patient person.

The whole office was great. Everyone was very pleasant, positive and helpful. I always felt comfortable and welcome in the office. I think yorkworks is a fantastic resource for the unemployed. It gets people on the right track and the resources like the computers, phones, fax machine, printer and photo copier also help to get the job done in one place.

I think I'm going to miss it there. If there is any way that I can give back in any way, like give a pep talk or something, I will. Anyway, I think you need my picture to put on your employed wall. Thank everyone for me. They were all great.

Janet Dunn

After 17 months of job searching, yorkworks helped by providing the courses necessary to help me gain my confidence and to fit back into the workforce. You did a wonderful job and everyone is so nice! It comes from my heart; wishing you continued success!

Erin Favel

Thank you yorkworks as a whole. You do a wonderful job of empowering those who are a point in their lives where assistance is needed. I always feel welcomed and respected here!

Mitul Desai

I am working as a Manufacturing Engineer. The company makes pump parts mainly for Oil and Gas extraction. So, basically it’s a Manufacturing Industry in the Oil and Gas Sector, pretty much exactly as I was looking for.

Thank you very much for all the help. I got to learn a lot of things from yorkworks that actually worked.

Donna Welner

I start work on Monday. I thank all the staff at York Works as I would not have been able to land such an amazing job. Its perfect. Well worth the wait.

LinkedIn was the icing on the cake. I "advertised" a special skill that I knew not everyone has and mentioned it in my profile on a few insurance group discussion boards. That's how the hiring manager located me and contact was made through LinkedIn!

Carmen Scafiezzo

I appreciate all the great information shared...... I applied the knowledge and targeted my employer, modified my job search approach and improved my resume.   I am very excited and can't wait to join my new team!

Negin Vatanian

I entered yorkworks having no idea what to expect and not knowing what they teach could transform my life. They gave me life lessons. The techniques I learned in their workshops especially Get Hired Faster were far beyond job search. I learned to set goals and make plan to put my goals into action. I learnt about the power of networking and group support. The people at yorkworks help job seekers at every step of the way by evaluating and polishing resume and cover letter, as well as arranging for mock interviews. They follow up with their clients constantly and encourage them not to give up.

I recommend yorkworks and Get Hired Faster workshop to anybody who is looking for job search techniques that can be used in life. I have no regret entering the center and following their techniques and advice.

Carmen Szabo

I have some good news to share with you, I got a contract position for 13 months as a Data Analyst.

Came up unexpectedly becuse they found my resume on workopolis, and asked if I was stiil looking for new opportunities. So, last week I had the interview and they offered the contract the same week!

I would like to thank you your help, because without you my confidence would not grow, and could not make furture steps. So, thanks again.

Suzie Da Camara

Thank you so much to all of you for the positive energy and good wishes you all gave me during the last couple of months. I start my new job on Wednesday this week. I can’t wait to be employed once again.

Wilbur Fletcher

I start on Monday. It goes without saying that the yorkworks seminars and connections are well appreciated. Thanks to the team

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