Employee Engagement and Retention

Sixteen Experts on Employee Engagement and Retention

Employers - are you looking for information and tools to help you:

  • Find and keep the workers you need?

  • Engage employees to help your business?

  • Learn best practices?

  • Learn how yorkworks can help you with your staffing needs?

Our experts include a mix of Human Resource Professionals, Executives, Business Owners, Subject Matter Experts and Educators. They discuss the importance of engaging and retaining employees, articulating your brand and culture, and why transparency matters! 



Watch the Videos Below

Introduction to KEEP Project
by Shawn Shepheard

Perry Monaco – Straight Talk on Employee
Engagement and Retention

Job Developer

Workplace Culture
and Engagement

Retaining Your
Solid Contributors

Shane Creamer
Learn from TD's Best Practices

Involve Your Employees,
Use Discernment and Walk the Floor

KEEP Presenters - Introducing the Employee Engagement and Retention Experts in the Videos

in the Best

Engagement and
Personal Initiative

Val D'Sa
Recruiting for Results

Rob Catalano
Driving Performance

Marie Hélène Budworth
Evidence Based HR Management

Laura Williams - Proactive HR Preventing
Potential Problems Down the Road 

Meghan Livingstone
Learn from Engagement at TD

Highly Effective
Recruitment Strategies

Get the
Right Hire!

Bottom Line Benefits of
Retaining Good Employees! 

Effective Communication the
Key to Employee Retention

Advice for
Small Business

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